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Home Sweet Home

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Please comfortably download the music for free, and if you eventually decide to purchase, thanks so much for your kind support! There is more music currently under production. Check out the links in the "Music Players" menu for early previews.

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LDPF (2005) (2005) Click for free download

 (2007) Click for free download

 (2009) You should know what to do by now

WaterRipples05L Ripples (2012) Click for free download


Life in Session - White & McLaughlin (2012) Click for free download


New & Improved! (2013) Click for free download

Life Outrageous Cover-CD cover

Life Outrageous (2014) Click for free download

Who We Are CD

Purchase "Turning Up Roses" CD via Paypal (2017)



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PostHeaderIcon About the music ...

The music presented here has been performed all over the globe, and by that, it means that nobody stood in the same room while performing it.

Each player received the song and added their parts remotely, sending their contributions in over the internet, where results are assembled and mixed in Kev's project studio in rural Connecticut. This procedure is simply a modern extension of the traditional practice of studio "overdubbing", where parts are "layered" over a musical frame.

The loose collection of remote contributors is named "The Melvin Zax Jazz Orchestra", after the original college band Kevin played in. 

For a roster listing of the players, please click on the "About the Band" link in the Main Menu.

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