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The White-McLaughlin Project is Finished!!!

The new collection of songs co-written w/ long time collaborator John McLaughlin, leader of the Celtic Rock band Dicey Riley can be found in the "Players" section below. Look for the link to "Life in Session" and it will bring you to where completed songs can be heard. It is now available for free download!

Home Sweet Home

PostHeaderIcon Without Radio

The radio plays

But where do we turn?

Corporate designed

With money to burn

It's been so damn long (it all went so wrong)

Where are all the song worth singing with?...

Why can't I hum along?

With my radio

Music goes dead

When it's all about cash

If you follow fads

The fads, they just never last

Pay an expert "big bucks"

...and it all winds up fucked

Where are all the

Songs worth singing with?

Why can't I hum along?

With my radio

It been on too long

Just turn it off

I've had enough...

I'm done

Dial the dial and file it under "gone"

Because I get along

Without radio