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Home Sweet Home Used Gear Emporium

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Kev's Used Gear Emporium

Please note: Though I've got a lot of gear I'm currently shedding, I am not a retail location ... only an individual who decided to clean a few things out. All this has been personally owned by me for years, so I can vouch for it's quality. Also, I've marked things I've owned since new with an asterisk *. Things I've owned since they were new have been painstakingly maintained, and are in generally perfect condition. The remaining items work absolutely fine, but may not be as cosmetically pretty.

Please note that shipping is NOT included in any pricing and can vary by weight or distance sent. I am willing to ship most anywhere, but buyer assumes ALL responsibility for associated charges and what happens to it after it leaves my door -- (although insurance is always included as part of the shipping).

Price of shipping will be provided prior to payment being secured. There is no return policy, but I expect there will be no returns either, as the condition of everything sold is generally exceptional and personally tested for functionality prior to selling. All items are sold "as is", "first come, first served". Generally allow two business days for handling. Items are not shipped until buyer's payment clears my account.

How to buy: If interested in any item, click the I WANT TO BUY SOMETHING LINK below. This will generate an email to me. Let me know what you're interested in or if you have questions. You can even make an alternate offer, but there's no guarantee I'll accept it, so please understand if I don't. I'll develop a total price including shipping. If said price is agreeable, then a secure link for the individual purchase will be provided -- I do NOT want, nor do I take your personal financial information. The link then takes you to PayPal to pay for the item. FWIW - Although I don't sell much, my Ebay seller satisfaction rating is 100%.

Acceptable forms of payment include all major credit cards - Amex/Visa/Mastercard/Discover and/or via PayPal accounts.

Checkout is securely processed through PayPal services, same as if you were buying something off Ebay -- so there should be no worries as to loss of personal financial information or otherwise -- for the information is never input on this site -- only on PayPal's secure payment processing system.



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*B.L.U.E. Dragonfly Condition: Like New -- bought recently, rarely used. Serial Number 37-02351 Made in Latvia  $475

Misc Gear:

*Ensoniq Mirage Condition: Extremely Good -- operates fine. $100

Lexicon PCM 41 Vintage Digital Delay Condition: Good (broken plastic on pwr button, but button still works and unit sounds great) $250

AKAI Professional ME30P Midi Router Condition: Extremely Good $25

NOTE: This page is ALWAYS being changed as new items are bought, sold, remembered and posted. Please check back every now and then.

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