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Home Sweet Home

PostHeaderIcon New & Improved!




New & Improved!                                                                                                        


Please enjoy the free album:

Kevin would like to thank the following musicians for their outstanding contributions:

Stuart Gort (Lead Guitar on "The Ride")

Wayne Glaser (Bass Guitar on "When I Arrived")

Clay Gibson (Bass Guitar on "For Forever More)

Frank Basile (Drums on "For Forever More)

Tom Menikos (Drums on "Pretending")

Bryan White (Banjo and Acoustic Guitar on "Pretending")

Jeff Gegner (Native American Flute on "Pretending")

Chris Harwood (Bass, Percussion and Electric Guitar on "Look")

The above album consists of MP3s at 128kbps.


To listen to individual tracks or to purchase higher quality files in other various formats, please visit: HERE


Also, please feel free to share the free files ... 

To either listen to or purchase the album please visit the BandCamp links to the right.

Other albums currently available to download free include:

Unfit for Consumption (2009) 

Retrospectful (2007) 

Long Days Passing Fast (2005)

Life In Session - White & McLaughlin (2012)

Ripples (2012) 

Life Outrageous

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