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Kevin's music can now be seen LIVE! He has joined "Who We Are".

Home Sweet Home

PostHeaderIcon Toss It All Behind

Her lead I would follow
To the far ends of the earth
But I'm leaving tomorrow
To get far away from her

Flying over the ocean
I'll toss it all behind

Friends, family, country
And a girl
Who's not mine

It isn't our families
Religion or a war
The truth is more painful
She finds this boy a bore

I bought a ticket to Boston
For that is where I'll hide

I'm bringing my bottle
And the girl
Who's not mine

Left her behind
The girl is not mine
Now they tell me I'm drunk all time

Left her behind
The girl's not mine
See the red white and blue in my eyes

Left her behind
The girls not mine
But she comes to me late in the night

I haven't a green card
But I'm still getting by
If you speak the Queen's English
Work ain't hard to find

Thought I could leave her behind me
I knew that I'd survive

But I'm tied to this bottle
And the girl
Who's not mine