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The White-McLaughlin Project is Finished!!!

The new collection of songs co-written w/ long time collaborator John McLaughlin, leader of the Celtic Rock band Dicey Riley can be found in the "Players" section below. Look for the link to "Life in Session" and it will bring you to where completed songs can be heard. It is now available for free download!

Home Sweet Home

PostHeaderIcon Like I Knew You Would

Well I knew from the start that we were headed for trouble
When all wanted I was beneath the bed covers

But you talked of love and dreamt of sharing lives

Don't waste your time
Please spare your emotions
I’ll nod my head
to all of your notions

I'll tell you the truth
I'm just in it for the night

Cause I found that nothing is for sure and you sighed like I knew you would

So please take a glance at the words that I am saying
you can try but that won't change their meaning

I'm saying the words that get me through my life

So please don't waste your efforts
Spare your emotions

I'lll nod my head
But it won't mean I'm listening
I told you before
I just never want that life

Cause I found that nothing is for sure and you tried like I knew you would

Don't believe I don't mean what I'm saying
I'm sorry but
it's no game that I'm playing

I'll say it again
I hope you get it right

Now don't waste your dreams here
Spare your emotions
I'll nod my head
But I'm going through motions
I told you before
I'm in it for the night...

Cause I found that nothing is for sure and you cried like I knew you would

You're crying girl
I'm sorry girl
You're crying girl
Just like I knew you would

© White/McLaughlin