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Home Sweet Home

PostHeaderIcon Lost Without You

I heard

Please say it's not true
If you go
My world will turn blue

With you not here
Then what will I do?
'Cause I'd be so lost without you

I realize

The spot that we're in
'Cause I messed up

I messed up again

It has been rough,
but we'll muddle through ...

'Cause I'd be so lost without you

For you're not leaving
With some other plan
It's just me
I now understand

Let's not break
.. no, let's make amends
We'll start from beginning again

Yeah, let's ...

... let's start anew.
We'll wipe the slate clean,
and reintroduce

Try to forget
Tough times we've
Been through ...

'Cause I'd be so lost without you

Don't say you're leaving
You can't leave me this way
Cause I've reformed
I've turned a new page

I promise you
This time I will change

And we'll get better and better each day

So please

Say it's not true
If I can do it ... now so can you
For if we try, there's nothing to lose

Cause I'd be so lost without you
I'd be so lost without you

I'm just so lost ...