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Home Sweet Home

PostHeaderIcon Dangling

I'm dangling on a thread
Feels like I'm hanging in mid-air
I know I really shouldn't care

Just as long I know that you're around
...and as long as we take the time we have

Maybe then...
We will start to move ahead
Instead of dangling on this thread...

I was never the lucky one who found the girl
...and had the fun
They all had their fun at my expense

You've got to care for someone else
far more than you do yourself

But people who think like that
are hard to find.

...and so I think I am alone now
Just like I've been a million times before
I'm the one who's on their own now

You've got someone who shares another story
I had enough, but I wanted more...

I feel alone now.
Don't leave me alone, Hol.

So now I'm dangling on this thread
...and limbo's cold this time of year

But I won't be shedding any tears

'Cause I see there's a story in your eyes
That I know, from knowing mine

I'm not afraid now 'cause you won't screw up my head

'Cause I'm still dangling on this thread...