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Home Sweet Home

PostHeaderIcon Final Daze

And in the final daze before the war 
Most of the people were still confused 
And all the politicians swore they tried 
Or so they lied 

... then all the people said: 

"Don't give us no more empty promises" 
"We've had enough of them" 
Right up to here ... 

I work my job from 5 to 5 
and I can barely scrape enough 
to keep my family alive 

But then half goes to you 
I want to know 
Where does it go? 
What do you do? 

Are your promises all lies? 

And when elections started 
It was electric in the streets 
We all waited for change 

But it appears... 

I work my job from 5 to 5 
And though I try to move ahead 
I'm on a fuckin slip and slide 

cause I send half off to you 
I want to know 
Before it goes 
Will it improve?

Are All your promises all lies?